I Long To Be A Mama

There’s a monumental difference between a caregiver and the woman who has given birth to a child. Here in Swaziland, countless days, I am responsible for the lives of fifteen individuals and with great tenacity, I make sure the girls are executing or fulfilling what can sporadically be a never-ending list of chores, responsibilities, and … Continue reading I Long To Be A Mama

Alarm Clocks and Sticky Notes

One day I will not need alarms to remind me to pray for myself, my friends, my husband, my children, ministries abroad, my church, or anything else. It will one day intertwine it’s self in the normalcy of everyday life, but until that day I will continue enjoying my alarm going off at 12:30pm and a 5 year old telling me “Auntie BB it’s time to pray for you husband.”

The One Man Pursuit: Why Women Don’t Get to Choose

As women we sometimes get frustrated, because we have to sit around and wait for a man to choose us. The Lord has shed some light on why and I desire to share it with you. “The problem is that we have forgotten that this is a one man pursuit. Instead of desiring to pursue the men we could date, why aren’t we pursuing the one man that’s going to make a difference in our marriage, God? … However, when we decide that we should be able to choose we take away things that the Lord is trying to teach the man. How to hear His voice and how to make God-centered choices.” #OneManPursuit #LifeLessons #MarriagePursuit #BeforeMarriage #BeforeDating #Dating #Chosen #ForWomen #ForMen #GiveMeYourOpinions

We Are SOOOOOO Equipped

. I have doubted myself as a leader more in the past week than I have in a long time. Am I making the right decisions? Should I take her to the hospital sooner or later? Should I be forcing them to eat though they really don't want to? Am I being to stern with them? Should I be letting them have more fun or free time? The list goes on and on.