“You are not who you once were. You are not even the same person that you were a week ago. You have been created a new, and will continue to be refreshed, restored, and rejuvenated by me daily. I want you to walk in your giftings and the places that I would have you to go. Your past does not defy who you are. You have been saved by AMAZING GRACE and no one can take that away from you. I love you dearly. BEGIN AGAIN my beloved.”

The Lord has a way of taking the simplest words and making them sound so eloquent. The Lord has called each of us to this specific time for a reason. I am currently figuring out how to walk confidently in who I am in Christ.  Walking in my true identity will launch me into my destiny. I want that same thing for you. “Runway of Destiny” sole purpose is to share the success and failures of my every day walking, and encouraging/empowering other women to walk in their destiny. I don’t care what you’ve done in the past, IT’S ALL FORGOTTEN. God doesn’t judge you for it and neither will I. Don’t be afraid to share your stories as well. I thank the Lord for placing this platform on my heart to reach women of all ages, colors, and religious backgrounds. I pray that those who visit this site will be blessed by the transparency and realness of everything that is placed upon it. I love you all with undeniable love. Thank you for following the journey.

Meet Brittine Brady

Brittine was born in the suburbs of Chicago in 1988. Her mother IMG_0066knew from her estrange pregnancy that Brittine was going to make her mark in the world, considering she made so many lasting marks on the inside of her mother’s stomach. 

Brittine decided to start “Runway of Destiny” after she had her own encounter with the Lord in 2015 on the World Race (an 11-month mission trip around the world).  “It was as if I ran smack dab into a wall and I could do absolutely nothing, but embrace where I was at. There was no getting around it. The Lord wanted me to encounter Him on a different level, and it was time to meet Him there.”

Much of Brittine’s life has been encompassed with hopes, dreams, aspirations, and her innermost desires; however, she never thought she was good enough to reach any of them. Through her own pain and personal experiences she hopes to empower women and show them how to “Glow in the dark.” What it really means to walk in their identity, calling, and their destiny!

She lives life outside of the box and believes that will prayer and the Lord, that she can do all things. This may seem cliche, but she wholeheartedly agrees with the saying “sky’s the limit.” She has a powerful testimony and she will never stop sharing it with others because it is living proof of God’s grace.

She loves to laugh loud, dance crazy, listen to music, go on adventures, and encourage others. Find her with her favorite Starbucks beverage, a good book, her journal, and goldfish crackers, laying in a hammock near you! 

Follow her on her Runway of Destiny, and don’t forget to walk on yours!