cuz we’re worth it

Life is brilliant! Don’t we all deserve the chance to feel celebrated while living it? I asked a number of women what “feeling celebrated” meant to them. Here are their answers:


Megan McCluskey said, “To feel celebrated means being innately cherished by those around me and to be loved for certain characteristics and quirks that are unique to me.

Neala Savela said, “To have someone care about who I am as an individual, paying attention to who I really am and loving me for it.”
Marisol Miron stated, “Acknowledging my accomplishments in a genuine way, as opposed to in a patronizing way: To be accepted for my current gifts and abilities, even though there is room for improvement.
Kelly Smith expressed, “For me, that looks like people taking the time to really get to know me and then loving me in my love languages. I feel celebrated when I get a note from a friend or when someone intentionally asks to spend time with me and then cares enough to have a real conversation with me.”

As for me, I would define feeling celebrated as, “The ability to be loved and accepted by those who are in my life. To feel special or significant. To feel deserving of the love of others and God. Being acknowledged and important in whatever I’m celebrating.”

As relational people, we have the desire and the need to feel loved, significant, important, or appreciated. We go out of our way in order to feel these things, whether the object of our feelings is positive or negative.

We crave attention!

It’s just a fact.

This last Wednesday was my birthday! I officially turned 28, which is an entirely separate issue of feelings, but we aren’t going to discuss that now. I struggled the entire day with wanting to feel special and significant from those near and far. I was consumed with whether or not people were going to wish me a happy birthday or even think about me on “my day.” SELFISH MUCH???

On my own birthday, I found myself in a bathroom stall crying.


I was seeking my love and worth in others and not giving Lord the chance to show me how much He loves me. After I gave my selfishness and self-centeredness to Him,  I was able to see His love and affection for me clearly.

What Changed?

I let go of the expectations that I had placed on others. I couldn’t expect others to celebrate me because I wanted them to, especially people who weren’t necessarily those who the Lord has placed in my path to celebrate with me. THE ENTIRE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO CELEBRATE YOU! It’s just not going to happen. However, there are people who will always celebrate you, who will always choose you at the drop of hat, who will be there to comfort and pray with you when things go array.

You are UNIQUE. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are SPECIAL. You are CHERISHED. You are GIFTED. You are QUIRKY and WEIRD.  You are LOVED. You sure should feel celebrated because of it. I pray that you take yet another step on your runway and find out who your “celebrators” are!


“Who are the people who will celebrate the beautiful creation that is YOU?”




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