Cheers to a grace-filled 2017

2017 is another year, an additional chance to achieve and accomplish things that you missed the mark implementing in 2016. Another opportunity to reevaluate and reflect on the years that have preceded this one to have an exceptional 365 days and attempt to obtain the goals that you have settled on for 2017. An additional 52 weeks frolicking with mistakes, meeting with disaster, disappointing others, causing heartbreak, missing the mark, and allowing some dreams to pass. It’s another occasion to present and receive grace, and in all this year’s craziness grace will be momentous.

Grace is a need for yourself, your friends, your loved ones, for those you disagree with and dislike, for your son or daughter, for your parents or grandparents, for the stranger on the street corner; regardless if they are conscientious about it or not. We all require buckets filled to the brim and overflowing with grace.

Grace is a number of things; acceptance, your personal stamp of approval, a high esteem for someone or something, and giving respect where respect isn’t due. It can take different forms and one can describe it in varying ways, nonetheless, it’s still grace.

Love goes hand-in-hand with grace. Without love, you can’t have efficacious grace, and without grace, you can’t have efficacious love.

This year I challenge you to fall head-over-heels in love with bestowing grace. Relinquishing it when everything in your being is pulling you from giving grace and when the knife lodged in your back produces a fresh unhealed wound. Granting grace on the occasion when grace is undeserved, unjustifiable, unacknowledged, and unworthy.

In these times look to the Father, He will provide you the strength that you lack to show grace just as He bestows never-ending grace.

A number of us will fail the first hundred times at granting grace. In our failure, we are still able to stand up, dust the mire of failure and try again. People are unable to modify themselves overnight over the course of a month and you find that it takes years, however, growth starts with taking a leap of faith with going that extra mile that you never deemed possible. Reaching for the stars, although they are a million miles away.

So here is to 2017 filled with grace. Raise your glass, in the words of Rihanna “I’ll drink to that.”

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