Satan Hates Me

Satan hates me! Yes you read correctly, the Evil one hates my stinking guts. I didn’t realize this until after I had a 10 hour date with the Lord this past Wednesday. But i’m getting ahead of myself. For relating purposes let me back up.

It all started with a fallen angel, and his name is Lucifer. Before his fall he was a model angel who was full of wisdom and beauty. Beauty-Nature-WallpaperYes beauty. Not the self-focused kind of beauty, but He was the mere reflection of God, and possessed exquisite beauty. If you don’t know believe me check out Ezekiel 28:12-14.

Somehow, it was placed in Lucifer’s heart that God had pulled the wool over his eyes. He desired to be like God and began to require the same worship that others gave to the Lord. PRIDE started with Lucifer. He wanted the “look-at-me” type of attention. The story is clear after that Satan falls from grace and is given dominion over Hell. Why though?

Because of his beauty. I’m currently reading a book called “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldridge. It is quite superb and talks about the fall of Satan better than I ever could. One particular quote that sticks out to me is, “Now his (Satan) heart for revenge is to assault beauty… He wreaks destruction on the glory of God in the east like a psychopath committed to destroying works of art. But most especially, he hates Eve” (pg. 85). Satan hates Eve. He is jealous that man/woman was created in the likeness of God and were given dominion over earth.

Well if Satan hates Eve and is out to destroy all beauty out of spite, then what does that mean for me, a daughter of Eve? Like Eve, Satan hates me along with every other woman in the world. He will do anything to take us out. I’m not talking about your average injury or obstacle. NO. That would be to easy. Satan wants nothing more than to kill you or have you batting for his side. Have you ever wondered why your life can sometimes feel like your suffocating on your problems. That you can never fully focus on the light at the end of the tunnel? What about feeling as if you feel surrounded by darkness? Satan wants you gone and that is his way of discouraging you and not allowing you to walk in your destiny.  You my beautiful sister (or handsome brother) possess two things that Satan on his best day could never possess.


I spent part of my 10 hour date (which involved me being alone with no distractions) with the Lord reading notes from my World Race squad. I asked the Lord to remind me of who He has called me to be. 3 words in particular stood out.


Do you notice anything? Of course you do, beauty and power! These are the two things that Satan wants, I possess.  Little ole sinful me. The same thing goes for you as well. My sister you are beautiful. You my brother are handsome. You reflect God, because you are made in His image and His likeness. You cannot fully walk in your purpose/calling or reach fulfillment until you believe that. As soon as you realize your beauty and how God didn’t make any mistakes with you then and only then can you walk in the power and authority given to you from the Lord.

As you go through this day I want you to be reminded that despite the storm that may be raging around you that you have the victory. You are victorious.  I know it. God knows it. Satan definitely knows it.

Take a break from the chaos of life and allow the Lord to speak truth into who you are and who you’ve been called to be.

Keep your head up and strut your stuff down into your destiny.


7 thoughts on “Satan Hates Me

  1. Dooley says:

    Your words are powerful and beautiful! Keep speaking those words and keep making satan angry! He may hate us, but we have a God who loves us more than any hate can stop. Love you and can’t wait to spend this semester living life alongside you!


  2. Rachel Snyder says:

    Brittine, you are most certainly correct! You do have a way with words. Remember that you always have God on your side, and that He is better than Satan. I will continue to pray for you!

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