January 26th

*** Side note: At my church I was on a single panels were other singles asked me questions about being single. Just so you know what I am talking about.***


Most of the jargon of today has been about being single and what that entails. Things you should and should not do. Its weird that I am giving advice to women on something that I don’t exactly know how to do effectively. If anyone is failing at being single its me. Am I worthy enough? The Lord can use you in all of your mess! Just because I am out here struggling, doesn’t mean that the Lord stops using me. He will use me for His glory regardless. I am sure of that i am not making my path any easier. Is it honestly supposed to be easy Lord? Just things for me to really think about. Some questions that I found or though of while preparing for the single panel:

  • Are you living life to the fullest potential as a christian unmarried women?
  • What are you exhibiting in your life that makes you marriage quality?
  • Are there any insecurities that you have about yourself that need to be addressed? Trust issues? Sexual sin? Past hurt?
  • Are there any past relationships that you still need healing from? 
  • Do I need to place any boundaries on any relationships/friendships that I have with certain men in my life?

1. I believe that I am living my life to the fullest potential as an unmarried woman! I traveled which is one of the things that I desired to do before I got married. I’m constantly finding more about myself and going the places that Lord has called me. Its definitely not easy though. There are probably a million and one things that I could be doing better, but I am definitely just not sitting around waiting for my husband. I’m enjoying my singleness.

2. Thats a good questions. What are the types of things that make a woman ready for marriage?

  • God fearing woman – One who puts the Lord first before anyone and everyone. Not always successful, but it’s definitely a learning process. 
  • Compassionate/Loving – Always ready to love others and place them b
    efore myself. I don’t necessarily have to say that, people see it in my lifestyle. I love to be loved and to love others deeply.11415319_696383687155245_6769885675019520745_n
  • Woman of Vision – I have goals and aspirations and have the desire to achieve those goals that are in the will of God. 
  • Woman of Faith/Prayer – I desire to step out and do the things that I don’t necessarily feel equipped to do.
    I believe that I can do all things through Christ! I love prayer. It’s a pivotal part of my life, and needs to be taken into a marriage!!!!!!
  • Commitment – Ready to commit to one person for the rest of my life. 
  • Responsible – to a certain extent! ALWAYS ROOM FOR GROWTH! 

Maybe I am not ready to be married yet. I’m working towards, but there is still things that I have to hurdle over as a single women. I’ll keep doing the Lord’s will and trust that He’s writing the greatest love story yet, well for me anyways.3

3. Easier answer. I don’t have any trust issues with men. I have learned to be a pretty open person with almost all men and trust them. I do struggle with lust which could potentially lead to sexual sin. It’s definitely round and I don’t like to share it with anyone. I want to, but for whatever reason I never do. I’m not sure if it’s because of shame or somethings else. 

4. I don’t need healing from any relationship.

5.Yes! I’m not sure what that exactly looks like right now, but I definitely need to pray into it. 

**Notes from Single Panel **

  • There are somethings that you can do as a single person that you can’t do as a married person. Married women can sometimes find themselves jealous of single women and single women jealous of married women. It’s amusing to me. 
  • 3 categories men place women in within the first 20 days of knowing one another: Freak, Friendship, Forever. Hmmmm I wonder how true that is!
  • If you’re giving it up then whats the point of being married? He’s just learning to be content with what you’re giving him without all the responsibility of a married man.
  • Donna sharing during this time brought me to tears. She really desires what God wants in her life, but there are times that she gets frustrated with Him. Honestly that is all of us. #REALTALK
  • Reminder: You are FORGIVEN! You are pure in CHRIST! 

Tonight was just so good. Women were opening up and being vulnerable with one another. It was great. I would love this to be something that happens more often than not. Being single is truly hard, especially in this day and age. CRAZY! How do we do it alone?  Well we aren’t supposed to. Thats where I have fallen short so much by not sharing with other women what I am going through. I need to continue working on getting that in my life. I will end up orb ably writing a blog about the lies that single women believe and how to combat it? Will anyone read it? I’m not sure, but it sure will be out there.

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