Feelings, Equations, and Farewell(s)


Feelings! We all have them, but there are some of us, like me, who would prefer not to show them. A small majority of us have believed the lie that emotions are weak and that not feeling is a way of self-protecting yourself. Though that is true it is, in my opinion, it’s not healthy.

Allowing yourself to feel gives you a way of walking through things. Something interesting to note about feelings is that they aren’t fact. Though you feel something at a certain time, doesn’t change the variable of the situation.

However, your feelings are valid and they are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Just don’t sit in them. At some point you have to put aside your anger, sadness, and happiness aside and live the precious life that you’ve been given.

Equations & Freedom

If you know anything about the Myers Briggs you should know that I am an ENTJ. I am an extroverted intuitive thinking judger. Trust me it sounds way worse than it really is.  There is no F (feeler) in my 4 letter equation. Though there is a lack of an F, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel. I feel and it’s deep.

There is something truly beautiful about seeing people walking in their identity and who the Lord has created them to be. It causes my deep rooted emotions


Meet the humans of CGA Spring 2016

to flood out via tears and down my face. Tears of joy! I get to see a little in to the futures
that are ahead of them though they aren’t able to see what I see.


For the past 4 months I have been able to watch some amazing humans learn and walk through so many different things, either first hand or from a near distance. They’ve grown in ways that they could have never imagined.

I watched them pour out their hearts, bleeding all of their emotion on pages, sharing their stories, dancing in freedom, chains being broken, and being free from the lies that the enemy has placed on them. I find myself crying thinking about them.


This past Thursday was the last time that I was able to see them all together. Are time together has ended, but this is just the beginning for them.

So to my Center for Global Action class I’ll leave you with this.

You are great. There is a call on your life completely different than anyone else’s. You are consistently digging deep and doing the “hard things.” The dreams and aspirations that many of you have will come to past. Maybe not in the way that you would expect it to, but they are attainable. Keep pushing forward, keep your head held a high, and continue to do the thing! You are loved, you are seen, you are one of a kind, you are appreciated,  and this world needs you. Above all else remember to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the things that you need He will give to you (Mat 6:33). I’m rooting for you, but most importantly God is rooting for you. Go out and kick some butt!

Even if you aren’t part of my CGA these words are still applicable to you. Take them as your own. Encourage yourself with them. There isn’t any practical application this time around.

So farewell. I bid you adieu.



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