Something Better For you

Story of discontement

I found myself in a place of discontentment last week. I’m currently in Swaziland molding the minds of the young people, mentoring and tutoring them, and acting as a live-in house mentor for the month. You could say that I am living a good life of experiencing the world, but I still feel as if something is missing.

I can’t help but to day dream about having the “American dream.” A husband, a job that will help support my family, 2 beauiful children, a nice car, and not having to worry myself about finances.

The reality of my life is that I’m 28 years old with no husband, no income, no children, no car, and I find myself burdened by my lack of finances. In my discontent the Lord spoke to me. 

Yes, Not Yet, Something Better

I have a really great friend who I haven’t seen in years. She decided to up and move to Alaska, and the Lord is definitely using her to do some amazing things there. I explained my feeling of discontentment with her and she gave some great advice.

“Brittine sometimes the Lord’s answer to things you desire is Yes. Sometimes it’s not yet. Other times it’s not a no, but a I have something better for you.” I’ve never thought about it like that. Many times we find ourselves thinking that when the Lord says no that we are missing out on something that we want. Instead we need to view it as if the Lord is witholding, because there is just something way better out there for us. 

Think about it. The man that you were once dating to marry and you ended up breaking up. It didn’t work out, because God has something better for you. Or the job that you applied for and you didn’t get. If that door wasn’t closed would you have received the job that you have now? Probably not.

I can give you many examples of when I ask the Lord for something and He gave it to me a way that I was not expecting, but I won’t

I challenge you to sit down and ask the Lord what things you think that He has said no to, but has actually said “I have something better for you.” I don’t think you will be disappointed with His answers. Be blessed. 


something better

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