Bumps, Bruises, Mountains

A 2016 Goal Achieved

I’m an avid believer of setting goals and achieving them. At the end of 2015 (with the help of the Lord) I made goals for my 2016. Each month I spend time in prayer seeing what the goals I should attempt for each month.You know, small goals in order to achieve the big ones. I’m proud to announce that I have achieved on of my major goals for the year!

Swaziland is a very interesting place. Most people don’t know that it exists. I’s a small country surrounded by so many larger countries in Africa. There is a Mountain called Execution Rock. The history behind it is that in the past when prisoners were sentenced to the death they would be escorted up the top of the mountain and then they were made to plummet to their deaths. What a way to die! Execution Rock is now a tourists place where you will find your wealthier Swazi’s, Americans, Europeans, and any other tourists going to either hang out in the game reserve or hiking this gigantic mountain.


The previous time I was in Mlilwani (hope I spelled that right) was to hang out, look at the wild animals run around and eat good food. This time I decided that 2 adults and 7 children were going to hike the mountain. In the words of Swazi’s EISH! We began our journey by hiking up the wrong mountain. Made it at least 35 minutes then had to hike down while making our own path to a road that we saw in the distance. After getting on the road we realized that the car was parked in a completely different place so Rachel went to fetch it and move it (I didn’t see Rachel again until 2 hours later). We continued to hike. Ya know just me and 7 girls and I had no clue where I was going nor have I ever hiked a mountain before.

We took what we called short-cuts which were just the group of us blindly walking through random places that the girls thought were great places to slip in so they could get up the mountain faster. I wanted to kill these girls, but instead I continued to repeat in my mind “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Finally, after many scraps, falls, moving rocks, plants with thorns, animals blocking paths, and children basically running up the mountain we made it to the top (with Rachel just a few yards behind us now).

Oh what a site to see it was! After eating our lunch (at 2:30) we just had a time of worship on the top of this mountain. Just basking in the presence of the Lord and all that He has created. The Lord so kindly reminded me that this hike was a lot of what life looks like sometimes. We walk roads that seem quite impossible. We get bumps, bruises, and wounds cut open along the way. When you finally get where your supposed to be (inhale and exhale) there’s just a peace and a sense of accomplishment. Then you have to hike the next mountain, and the one after that, and the one after that. However, sometimes we don’t take the time to really enjoy the journey we’ve had to the top of one mountain before going to the next one.

So now in my journal I can cross off the goal of Hiking a mountain in 2016. Before I go do the next thing I’ll enjoy this moment. Plus my body hurts and I really can’t do anything else just yet.



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