I Applaud Your Rejection

In 2015, in Swaziland, Africa; I saw her for the very first time. So full of life, promise, and love. Time had obviously been working against her, but that didn’t matter. She walked with a certain grace and posture that very few people have. She had been called by the Father and she planned on fulfilling every dream He placed within her no matter how uncomfortable she would be. From her dance moves to her love for “Hip-hop” about Jesus, and her willingness to fight for those that God loves, we hit it off from the very beginning.

No, I’m not referring to one of the girls here in Swaziland, but the director of Hosea’s Heart. My friend, my road-dog, my sister from another mister, my soul mate, my confidant, my warrior partner. I’m writing this because so many people are unaware of how strong she really is. Sometimes I don’t believe that she realizes how her strength gives others hope and an extra push to go on.


Mary Kate, me, and Rachel 


I’ve watched Mary-Kate for about 2 and a half years now, soon to be 3. She started an entire organization because girls in Swaziland believed that they would never be able to fully provide for themselves in the future without living out a life of prostitution. God birthed in her, with the help of others, and entire organization that is alive and expanding right before my very eyes. In reality, she started this organization so that one specific girl could see how she could be loved despite all of her brokenness and heartache. That a 13-year-old in prostitution didn’t always have to be that. To show her that there is another way to feel “loved” and to be seen and known. The now 22-year-old just hasn’t fully caught up to the lesson.

Mary-Kate I applaud your ability to face rejection head on met with grace; sometimes fierce, but most definitely needed. I’ve watched you love this girl for years and no matter how many times she disappeared , rejected you, spoke evil against you, or left her kids behind so that she can live the “life” she feels that she is entitled too; you have constantly met her with open arms always ready to receive her back into your life. Lowering your guard, not because you desire to, but so that she can see and feel the Father’s love if even for a second.

I am not wired that way, I am a no-nonsense type of girl. In most instances, I would have walked away a long time ago, but you continue to be obedient to the call of the Father. I know that your heart is torn and your tired of loving someone who can’t fully seem to believe in whom the Father has destined her to be, but your constant ability to face rejection head-on is not only strengthening you but the lives of others around you. You have taught me what it looks like to fight for others who’ve mistreated you and turned their back on you. To look past the hurt, the pain, and to continue to increase your capacity to love even when it is not returned. You, Mary-Kate Martin, are living and exhibiting what it looks like to illuminate God’s grace in the lives of others. I am so thankful that though right now is hard and you’re struggling to understand why God does what He does, that your brokenness and heartache is able to minister to me and to others. I applaud your constant rejection from “your daughter,” because without it so many of us would not be inspired by your story of hope!! I love you forever and always friend!

24909935_10101664900418745_9182408104855422221_n (1).jpg

Swazi Family (minus a few)


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